I've always been a go-getter and a firm believer that if you have dreams you should CHASE them! I believe in being BOLD, pursuing passions, never accepting failure and living life exactly as you want.

Hi, I'm Hilary and I am BEYOND excited that you've come across my website and blog. Confidence is a must when it comes to living life BOLDLY and I truly believe every woman deserves and has the ability to find their confidence. THIS is where my passion lies and why I have chosen to start this blog.

I enjoy helping women feel more confident, I always have. A little over a year and half ago, I discovered SeneGence International. Joining as a distributor with the company gave me the most incredible vehicle to do just that - help women feel more confident. And, it doesn't stop there. I get to help women find, recognize and reach their full potential in life, financial security and in personal development. So, basically, I have the coolest job ever.

Bold lips are totally my thing. I have always LOVED lipstick, but little did I know that THIS one would change my life. There is just something that putting on a beautiful shade of lip color can do for your confidence almost immediately and seeing women light up when they put it on is priceless! It is a fun and simple first step towards feeling a little better, a little more beautiful and a little more confident.

My chosen career (with SeneGence International) allows me to take this passion a step further in helping women develop into successful business women; Helping them reach their goals, achieve what they never thought they could and help them realize their potential is priceless! I am also extremely blessed all the time with the incredible incentives, experiences and friendships this company has gotten me - whoever said "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't" was completely wrong!

I'm so excited to share my experiences throughout this crazy fun journey and share beauty tips, travel experiences, confidence boosters and more! My goal for this site and for my followers is to remind them daily that they are beautiful and capable. 

Every woman deserves to live life boldly and without limitations. So I challenge all of you to put on some BOLD lips and live a BOLD life.