5 Items I ALWAYS have in my Purse

Life can get crazy right!? And most people have hectic schedules - one thing we can all relate to is we tend to have a few items that we MUST have on hand to make us feel good, sane and put together.

For me, you just never know when I'll be working at home all day in my pajamas, in a business meeting or jet setting to find my next adventure! No matter where I'm off to, there are 5 things you can ALWAYS expect to find in my bag! My purse is never just a fashion accessory. It is my toolbox for keeping me on track and at least somewhat put together! 

1. A Notebook - I have brain that switches from one thought to the next within a millisecond. If an idea or important call comes up, I must always have a notebook on hand so I can jot it down or I may lose the idea forever! Some other things you can find scribbled in my notebook are quotes I find inspiring, thoughts or ideas others share with me and lists (anyone else go to target to purchase one thing and walk out with everything but that one thing!?)

2. LipSense Gloss - It could be a tinted or glitter LipSense gloss but there is ALWAYS a gloss! If I've got my LipSense on (almost always) this gloss will ensure my color stays on all day while hydrating my lips! If I don't have LipSense on, I wear the gloss anyway because it's pretty, EXTREMELY moisturizing with Shea Butter and Vitamin E and it feels incredible and not sticky like most other glosses. It also is wax free so it won't create dryness or a film on the lips like other glosses or balms. LipSense gloss comes in 13 different finishes and colors! Check them out here. WARNING once you switch to LipSense gloss, you will NEVER go back and your lips will be softer and more full/moisturized than ever!

3. Roller Ball Perfume- Right now my favorite is Wildfox! I got mine at Posh Boutique in Tulare, CA. Scent is a powerful sense and having one with me at all times ensures I will smell delish at all times! SeneGence also has an incredible roller ball trio with 3 lovely scents. They are parfum which is the highest concentration of fragrance meaning it lasts the longest! It also contains essential oils! You can check those out here.

4. Listerine Cool Mint Pocket Packs- This is a recent obsession. I find that I can be a very violent gum chewer and mints just don't provide the freshness I desire! I interact with people on the go ALL the time and I love being able to pop in one of these quick dissolving strips for instant fresh breath!

5. SeneGence Translucid Loose Powder in Bronze- I am a beauty consultant, so when I'm out and about, I truly try to look like it, I really do. BUT it doesn't always happen. And by not always, I mean most of the time I'm running out the door! Having this shimmery sidekick in my purse helps me look like a bronze goddess (or maybe just less of a hot mess which is good too, right?) in about 5 seconds. It comes in a no fuss, no mess Powder Brush applicator, which makes application quick and simple on the go! The powder is fine and application flawless for a quick bronzing glow on the go! It also comes in the shades Silver Rose and Natural. I have to tell you, this powder LASTS FOREVER! I have been using the one pictured for about 2 months and it seriously looks like I haven't touched it. Major bang for your buck. Pretty Powder Here

So, this is how I try to remember all of my crazy ideas and stay looking and smelling as fresh as I can throughout my very random life! Which products and items do you always have to have with you?


Hilary Mathias

August 8, 2018