5 Reasons to Wear Bold Lip Colors

Dress up Any Outfit

I love how putting on a bold lip color can make it look like you tried harder than you actually did! Even on your grungiest of days, all you've got to do is throw on some jeans, a tshirt, some cute shoes and your favorite shade of red and suddenly, you're a rockstar!

Bring On The Compliments

Whenever you are wearing that right shade of bright red or mysterious shade of plum, people are going to pay attention! Get ready to be complimented left and right! This is especially true when you FINALLY give it a shot after sticking to your comfort zone for so long. People will notice and it will definitely make you feel good.

Confidence Babe!

There’s something about rocking a bold lip that can kick your confidence into high gear. I have yet to meet a woman that doesn't stand a little taller and smile a little bigger when putting on a bold lip color. It just does something magical for your self image and you won't only look even better but you'll feel better too! Plus, all of those compliments you'll be getting will really up the ante.

You’ll Smile More

You won't be able to stand it! When you know your lips look bomb it simply makes you feel good and it will show. Embrace the bold new you and smile away babe, you look fabulous and you deserve it!

Your Lips will Look Bigger

A color that pops will naturally make your lips stand out and appear to be bigger. If you're using the right product, your can overdraw without it looking obvious or without worrying about it smearing. Another perk to choosing the right lipstick is that your lips will be ridiculously well moisturized and healthy which will increase fullness. (Suggestion Here)


Hilary Mathias

December 14, 2017