Becoming a Crown Princess with SeneGence International

At SeneGence International, as you work on your business and continue to help women start and grow theirs, you move up in "rank" which are simply names to recognize your success and growth.

In January 2017, I was a lady, which is the third rank you can achieve. I was somewhat new and a little unsure about my level of commitment to my SeneGence business. I had another full time career and had not yet had an opportunity to connect with SeneGence at a corporate level. So, with my sister by my side, we decided to go to a corporate event where we would get to meet other distributors, the corporate team and the founder and CEO herself, Joni Rogers-Kante.

At this event, I fell in love with not only the products that allow women to look and feel gorgeous no matter their age, but with the incredible culture of SeneGence. I was suddenly surrounded by women who were empowering, supportive and accepting. I spoke to many women who revealed to me the ways in which this company and these products have changed their lives. I saw what was possible. I learned that women could earn full time income with part time work. Working moms could never have to feel guilty for not being their when their kids need them most. I could change lives and help women realize their dreams and afford freedoms they had only hoped for. I also learned that being a part of this company would be a ton of fun, but that it would bring so many badass women into my life!

I left that event with a goal to become the coveted rank of Crown Princess! This meant that I would need to grow a team of boss babes that did over $1million in sales in a year. Well, we freakin' did it!

2017 was spent sharing - sharing the incredible products SeneGence provides us (seriously, our skincare and cosmetics are the BEST), and sharing the incredible opportunity to any woman who needed some flexibility, freedom, fun and income in their lives. By teaching them about the products, building an incredible online environment for us to all collaborate, celebrate, encourage and learn together, we grew and grew and in December of 2017, it happened!

In April, at our annual seminar, I got to stand on stage with the founder and CEO, my role model, Joni Rogers-Kante! It was an amazing moment and I felt overwhelmingly proud of my team and what we had accomplished in just a year! Receiving my crown and my gorgeous Crown Princess ring was just the icing on top!

A few members of my Team SeneSational!
My favorite quote from Joni Rogers-Kante
Awards night at SeneGence Seminar - Prism of Possibilities
Crown Princess Rings! Love my dark Sapphire ring!

What I have come to realize is that motivating and training is my passion. My SeneGence team of incredible women from all over the United States continues to inspire me every single day. Will Smith once said "If you're not making someone else's life better, you're wasting your time.

My mission as a Crown Princess at SeneGence International is to make other peoples lives better. I do this with skincare and cosmetics that truly work and by helping women of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances build their own businesses that truly work.

My experience at Seminar "Prism of Possibilities" was unforgettable! With some of my team members and my sisters by my side, we felt the incredible energy of this company. We had fun, got motivated, learned and came home with an unstoppable passion to change more lives with our products.

We are carrying the excitement into 2018 - living life BOLDLY, pursuing our passions, never accepting failure and living life exactly as we want! We wear bold lips and we live bold lives <3

With Grace and Gumption.

Hilary Mathias - Crown Princess, SeneGence International


Hilary Mathias

May 18, 2018