Winged Eyeliner in 5 Easy Steps

Ahhh the winged liner, the flirty and fun beauty technique that will never go out of style! Yet, it's one of the most intimidating techniques to try, and when you do, it's 5 minutes before you have to head out the door and it turns into a nightmare - UNTIL NOW!

I too have gone most of my teens and twenties CLUELESS about how to do a winged liner that didn't look like a "u" or end up being 10x thicker than necessary. Finally, this simple technique came into my life and changed everything. In less than a few minutes, I can now draw on this super fun confidence booster with ease! Winged liner is flattering on almost everyone and when you master it, you'll become a new person. Dramatic sounding? Yes. True? Definitely. Follow this guide to get your SASS on!

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Winged Liner - Winged Eyeliner - How to Winged Liner
Recommended Eyeliners

The below recommended products will provide smear proof, water proof, all-day wear! For a perfect wing you don't have to worry about ruining!

SeneGence EyeSense - liner that stays where you put it!

SeneGence EyeSense Shimmer - for some sparkle and shine and an extra fun look!

Looking for a smokier effect? Try SeneGence ShadowSense in Onyx, Smoked Topaz or Garnet! Still all day wear and allows for simple blending and smudging!


Hilary Mathias

August 20, 2018